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Lektar Oy - since 1949

Lektar is a notable importing company with diversified activities. We supply goods to numerous customers all over the country of Finland.

As a family owned company we are devoted to serve our customers professionally and with care. In seventy years, Lektar has grown from a small spare parts business to an enterprise with over 3000 active items. We import products and materials from all over the world, constantly developing our selection in order to give the ultimate benefit to our customers. Lektar Group has approximately 50 employees and turnover about 25 million euros.

Furthermore, our subsidiary company Bedika Oy imports food processing machinery and packaging materials. Lektar Eesti Oü, which also belongs to Lektar Group, represents our products in Estonia and Baltic states. 


Lektar’s Petrochemistry Department supplies metering and controlling devices as well as other equipment for safe delivery of fluid chemicals, fuels and gases from the source to end users. We supply branded products to wholesale companies, building and mounting firms, engineering companies and end users.

Contact information

Petri Lappalainen
Petri Lappalainen
Managing Director


Hiekkakiventie 7
-00710 Helsinki





+358 9 413 55 100




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